Welcome to Quality Care for Kids

Providing routine vision and hearing exams with state of the art equipment for 18 years.

Refraction Vision Test

A multi-specialty group of Board Certified Ophthalmologists and Pediatricians and a team of trained technicians dedicated to providing "on-site" routine vision and hearing exams to the schools in rural and inner city areas.

Our Goal is to reach children not receiving proper health care and routine exams to detect early diagnosis of vision and hearing problems. Some parents rely solely on school screenings and do not realize the necessity of comprehensive examinations to follow hereditary diseases that are often silent and passed down through generations affecting the vision and hearing of their children. Some parents do not have transportation and some can't afford the office visit. Sadly, some do not care.

We have extended the children and the schools a very worthwhile service since 2000. We are entering into the 16th year of repeat services in Kentucky.