Our Services

Providing routine vision and hearing exams with state of the art equipment for 18 years.

Quality Care for Kids

Quality Care for kids was established in the year 2000 in effort to Helping the Schools Help the Children. It was quickly realized that schools needed our help. School Nurses and Family Resource Centers welcomed our services due to their overwhelming duty of providing screenings to all the children.

QCFK uses state of the art equipment to provide routine exams on those children with parental consent. Parents are notified of any problems and/or referrals. Copies of the results are provided to the school for each child's accumulative folder.

Children that do not indicate having a previous eye exam or one that is experiencing eye or vision problems are routed through the vision stations first. This includes color testing, depth perception, acuity, and auto refraction. The Ophthalmologist then checks for eye disease and prescribes glasses, if necessary. Eye referrals are directed to the local physician/specialist for treatment and follow up. Eyewear prescriptions may be filled locally or purchased by us, if necessary.

The pediatrician examines the ear for areas of concern and for problems that may interfere with the child's hearing. Referrals are directed to the child's PCP for ear problems such as infection, wax impaction, fluid, foreign objects and etc. The child is then directed to the hearing stations where an Audiogram and Otoacoustic Emissions testing are performed. When necessary the tympanogram is done. Referrals are directed to a local Audiologist for abnormal hearing results without an indication of an ear problem. Normally a child's regular pediatrician does not offer a hearing evaluation such as ours and welcomes these referrals and/or results from patients.

Family Resource members and School Nurses are more than welcome to contact our current clients.  


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