Providing routine vision and hearing exams with state of the art equipment for 18 years.

Quality Care for Kids


FRC - As far as know that date will be great...  We are ready for our UPS ticket.  We have a lot of forms ready for you.  Thanks so much for all you do we really appreciate you : ). FRC - Jodie Elliott - Oak Grove Elementary - Whitley County

FRC - Thank you so much for all your help.  We appreciate having this valuble resource to help our students succeed in the classsroom.  FRC - Angie Elkins - Greysbranch Elementary - Greenup County

LPN - You're the best !!!  LPN - Mary Baker, LPN - Glenn O Swing Elementary

RN - Thanks so much for following up on this - I really appreciate the work you and your team do for our kids.  I'm tempted to say "you don't know how much it means...," but I'm pretty sure you do indeed know how  much this means!  RN - Karl Kaucher, B.S.N., RN - Latonia Elementary

RN - Good afternoon, I just wanted to say thank you for sending such a wonderful team to our schools at Covington Independent this year!  They worked incredibly hard to make sure we could see as many kids as possible and I am very grateful for that.  I hope that we will be able to work with you again next yaer.  Now that I am more familiar with your program, I will be able to help you figure out the best schedule and amoount of time needed at each school in future years.  That was our only concern this year - we ran out of time at every school and the team was running significantly late each day. The team maintained great attitudes, and our nurses and school staff were kind enough to be (mostly) flexible also, but I would like to make sure we improve our plan for time frames in the future.  Thank you again!  Please share my gratitude with your team.  I look forward to next year! - RN - Jennifer Fowee, MSN, APRN, Director of Health Services - Covington Independent Public Schools

FRC - Good Morning Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that the crew is at their final stop and going strong this morning!  Every one of the FRYSC Coordinators have told me how wonderful and easy they are to work with.  They have been so agreeable and pleasant, even during all the trials and tribulations they have faced!  I wanted to express my appreciation and thanks to you and the entire crew for such a wonderful job.  I hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Thank you again for all you do for our kids!   FRC - Billie Lewis - Harlan County

RN - Thanks Lisa!  Once again I want to express how great the group that came to our school were.  The docs were wonderful, the other team members were awesome.  Amanda and JR were great as well.  Everything was well organized and ran extremely smooth.  Thanks so much and we look forward to working with them again!  Sandra Brown, RN, BSN - Todd County Schools

CCE/FRC - "I want to say KUDOS to the great team that came to our school on Wednesday.  They were all very well organized and made the day work really easy and they see a lot of students.  This was a blessing to our school.  Thanks again GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!  FRC -  Gary O. Morton - Powell County Schools


MIDDLESBORO — Since the beginning of the school year, West End Primary School (WEPS) has been graced with special guests and activities. Grandparents were invited to lunch. Students were donated dictionaries by Middlesboro Rotary Club members. Educational field trips were taken. Monday’s special guest, Quality Care for Kids, was just as exciting.  Quality Care for Kids (QCFK) is a medical care organization that assists Title One schools in the state of Kentucky and Alabama. QCFK President, Brenda Justice said the organization “sets up a temporary medical facility at select schools and performs medical checkups.” The organization’s free checkups include a visual and hearing screening for students. 

For the past eight years QCFK have examined thousands of children. Two licensed medical practitioners travel with QCFK and were at WEPS’s event. Ophthalmologist, Dr. Frank Miller and audiologist Dr. Charles Griffith observed the children during their medical exams. After the children participated in a screening process, a summarized medical analysis was confirmed by physicians and will ultimately be sent home to parents.  Various stations were set up in the gym at WEPS. One station was designed to test students’ hearing, checking for a variety of complications and nerve damage. After the initial screening, the children were referred to Dr. Griffith’s table, where he gave children’s ears a more thorough look.  A similar system was used for eye examinations. Technologically advanced vision equipment tested for stereo depth perception (near and far sightedness) and color testing. Ophthalmologist Miller assisted children, following their stop at vision stations. 

“Our organization brings office exams to the children that do not ordinarily receive detailed vision and eye care,” said Justice. QCFK visits are intended to professionally diagnose children so they are not missing school for a regular doctor’s appointment. Parents will receive a detailed result of QCFK’s exam and a referral to a local pediatrician, if necessary.

WEPS Principal, Janis Barton said, “I think QCFK is a wonderful service. They detect problems that normally would have been over looked in a normal checkup.” 

Barton partners with Family Resource Center Director, Farra Shoffner, Bell County Health Department and QCFK to make these school medical visits a reality.

QCFK will visit East End Intermediate students Tuesday and Middlesboro Middle School on Wednesday. 

Staff writer Sarah Miracle can be reached via e-mail at smiracle@middlesborodailynews.com

FRC - As everyone knows the mission statement for LBJ FRC is "Removing Any Barrier That May Prevent A Child From Receiving a Good Education".  There are many collaborative partners that assist us in striving to achieve this goal.  One such agency is "Quality Care for Kids" of Frankfort, Ky.  This group of Board Certified Ophthalmologist and Pediatricians provide in school vision and hearing exams to our students.  In identifying unknown problems with vision/hearing a child can excel at a higher level.  The forms for enrolling for this service are sent home with important first of the year service papers to the parents and caregivers from the FRC/FRYSC in our area.  Laws in effect for the state of Kentucky require a vision/hearing screening before a child can enroll in preschool.  Highlightening this child concerned volunteer agency and the incredible service they have done for our schools in the past 11 years is the least we can do.  The multi-specialists arrive, set up equipment in our library on separate tables, send each child that has permission to each area and are done in a matter of minutes.  The staff of LBJ are happy having this agency assisting us with removing this barrier, Thanks Quality Care For Kids!  FRC - Mrs. Genevieve - Breathitt County Local Newspaper Article

Student – “Thanks to Quality Care for Kids I can now see”.

Teacher – “Quality Care is the first group to provide a service that actually produced results for our children”.

Principal – “Quality Care for Kids found a serious vision problem with my grandson that none of us knew anything about”.

Parent – “They found a brain tumor during the vision exam and my son was at UK the next day having brain surgery to remove it. I thank God for them every day of my life”.

Superintendent – “A program that works! They will continue to service my county as long as I am here”.

State Representative – “My granddaughter was seen by Quality Care and they found an embedded piece of plastic in her ear that had to be surgically removed”.

Nurse – “There is no way we could come close to providing these kind of services to our students. They are wonderful and caring folks that help our school tremendously”.

FRC – “The best service our county ever allowed in our schools”!

PINEVILLE -- Quality Care For Kids, a Frankfort based team of technicians and physicians, set up a clinic in the Pineville Independent School library, on Wednesday to check elementary school students eyes and ears.   “Children not under routine care received a compressive vision exam and a learning evaluation. Those with identified problems are placed under local care in efforts to ensure that the children’s learning ability is not hindered by poor vision and dear. We love children and try to make the testing an enjoyable experience,” said Brenda Justice, president of Quality Care For Kids. “Our goal is ‘Helping Schools Help the Children,’” she added.  Children have had no previous eye exam, or those that are experiencing eye or vision problems are routed through the vision stations first.  This step includes color testing, depth perception, acuities and an auto refraction. The ophthalmologist then checks for eye disease and prescribes glasses, if necessary.  Eye referrals are directed to the local physicians/specialists for treatment and follow up, and eyewear prescriptions may be filled locally.  The pediatrician examines the ear for areas of concern and for problems that may interfere with the child’s hearing.  Referrals are directed to the child’s primary care physician for ear problems such as infection, wax impaction, fluid, foreign objects, etc. 

The child is then directed to the hearing stations where the Audiogram and Otoacoustic Emissions testing are performed. When necessary the tympanogram is done.

Referrals are directed to a local ENT or Audiologist for abnormal hearing results without an indication of an ear problem. Normally a child’s regular pediatrician does not offer a hearing evaluation such as ours and welcomes these referrals and/or results on his patients.