The Eye/Vision Exam

Providing routine vision and hearing exams with state of the art equipment for 18 years.

Auto Refraction Vision Test

Eye Health - Eyelid, ocular surface, lens, optic nerve, macula, and retinal blood vessel are evaluated. The doctor will look at the external and internal structures of the eye and assess their abilities to function normally. Internal evaluations performed with the direct ophthalmoscope and portable slit lamp is available if needed.

Near Vision - Ability to see clearly without strain at 13 to 16 inches, the common distance in viewing when working at a desk.

Distance Vision - Ability to see clearly without strain at 20 feet which is average distance in viewing the chalkboard.

Ocular Motility - Misalignment or irregularities in the two eyes working together to track visual objects assessed by a cover test performed by the Ophthalmologist.

Depth Perception- Ability to judge relative distances and move accurately through three-dimensional space.

Color Perception - Ability to distinguish colors. Deficiencies in color perception affect about 10% of the male population and less than 1% of the female population.

Refraction - The test is performed using the Retinomax (Auto refractor) and the phoroptor to evaluate for presence of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Spectacle prescription is given if indicated.